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Honey extractors

Portable honey extractor

534.00 (ei sisalda KM)

Honey extractors

Radial honey extractor 230V

2,862.003,200.00 (ei sisalda KM)
1,829.001,971.00 (ei sisalda KM)

Capping melting box

Capping melting box 230V

2,696.00 (ei sisalda KM)

Clearing casks

Clearing Cask 230L

1,100.001,242.00 (ei sisalda KM)

Honey pumps

Honey pump 1300kg/h

1,684.001,788.00 (ei sisalda KM)

Cappings extruders

Cappings extruder 100kg/h

2,900.002,952.00 (ei sisalda KM)

Uncapping machines

Uncapping machine

4,185.00 (ei sisalda KM)

why choose us?

We manufacture a wide range of beekeeping equipment, taking into the account specific wishes of each customer. You can also contact us with your own wishes and ideas, which would help to modernize your beekeeping. Equipment and mechanisms are made by professionals who have been manufacturing the beekeeping inventory since 1994. Touch of master’s hand is seen in:

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Ordering beekeeping equipment

If you are interested in our products, write or call us and tell us your wishes. Our specialists put together an offer tailored specially for you.


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