Honey heating cabinet for EUR pellet

Model: HWCE

Honey heating cabinet for EUR pellet base – a cabinet that can fit a standard EUR pellet base without any problems.


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  • Device manufactured in Estonia
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable quality

Honey heating cabinet is intended for heating / melting honey from a solid state to a liquid state.

To ensure convenient repackaging of honey.

The honey heating cabinet can hold a pallet with EURO pellet dimensions, device color white and the edges are covered with stainless steel sheets.

The honey heating cabinet has 4 wheels, which makes it convenient to fit the cabinet where you want it.

There are 2 handles on the sides of the cabinet when the appliance needs to be raised.

A fan is attached to the rear inner wall of the heating cabinet, which ensures even circulation of warm air inside the cabinet.

The result is an even melting of the honey.

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  • Power supply 230V *
  • Power cord length 3m.
  • Controller ESM-3711-HN
  • PT100 sensor
  • Heating up to 55c.
  • Weight 60kg
  • Heater: 3x300W
  • Fan
  • Insulated walls
  • Insulation thickness 40mm


  • 200L barrels / 2pcs
  • 120L barrels / 3pcs
  • 40L bucket / 12pcs
  • 20L bucket / 24pcs


  • Internal dimensions: Width 850x depth 1250x height 1100mm
  • External dimensions: Width 1000x length 1330x height 1100mm


Tutvustavaid videoid paljude meie toodete kohta leiad meie YouTube kanalist – Asten’s Honey YT kanal