Oxalic acid vaporizer

Model: OAV

354,00 €
295,00 € (without VAT)

New and improved oxalic acid evaporator – with lower power consumption and temperature control, but the price is the same!

The oxalic acid evaporator is a convenient and effective device for evaporating try oxalic acid for controlling varroasis!

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  • Device manufactured in Estonia
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable quality

Inadequately treated bee colonies are the biggest and stupidest expense in beekeeping.

The death of one untreated bee colony already exceeds the costs that could have been incurred by purchasing an oxalic acid evaporator.


Power supply 220V, maximum power 465W, can be used all year round with all types of hives

Recommended outdoor temperature when used at least + 2c.

When using oxalic acid, use protective equipment, gloves and eye protection and definitely an acid-proof respirator!

  • The appliance must be connected to the mains or use an electric generator.
  • To start working with the appliance, it is necessary to switch on the appliance and after 5 to 15 minutes it is warm, the appliance maintains the set temperature.
  • Place the appliance nosel in the flight opening, open the lid on the top of the appliance tube and add the required amount of dry oxalic acid onto the heater. Then quickly close the lid.
  • The amount of oxalic acid required for a single dosing is 15 g per two hives, 10 g per one hive. This amount ensures the formation of thick-intensive steam in about 2 minutes, which is directed into the hive by help of a fan on the back end of the oxalic acid evaporator. If necessary, the amount of oxalic acid can be increased – There is no risk of overdose for bees by evaporating oxalic acid.
  • The temperature of the steam coming out of the steam pipe is approx. + 30C` (safe for bees).
  • The appliance cools down slowly. When transporting to the next group of bees, if possible, use a box truck, or trailer. It is strictly forbidden to transport a hot appliance in the passenger compartment!
  • Power supply 220V
  • Power cord length 0.5m
  • Housing made of stainless steel 0.5mm thick
  • Temperature regulator
  • Temperature control range 0 – 280C`
  • Weight 2 kg
  • Length 600mm
  • Height 250mm
  • Width 150mm
  • Noise level 32dB
  • Heater power 450W
  • Fan power 15W
  • The total power of the device is 465W
Oxalic acid vaporizer user manual new 2022