Automatic line for uncapping and extracting honey

Model: HEL1

This automatic uncapping line is ideally suited for professional apiary`s to speed up and simplify honey processing processes. This line contains all the equipment needed to uncap and extract the honeycombs, as well to squeeze out the last drop of honey from the wax.

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  • Device manufactured in Estonia
  • 5-year warranty
  • Reliable quality

This machine comes with:

1)Uncapping machine – vibrating knives + honey and comb loose-ner, closed knife and comb loose-ner heating system. Frames are inserted in the machine by feeding chains.

2) Capping extruder – with a capacity up to 100kg/h

3) Honey pump – with a capacity up to 1300kg/h

4) Honey filter – with a capacity of 175L

5) Front rails for uncapped frames 3m long, with electronic frame pushing device. Back rails for extracted frames coming out of barrel extractor with a length of 2×1.5m.

6) Barrel extractor – with a capacity of up to 80 frames. Langstroth, Farrer and Dadant frames. (for other frame types, contact us)

7) Deboxer – Hydraulic system for lifting frames on the uncapping machine feeding chains.

8) Connection components for connecting machines to the full line (food grade hoses, quick connectors, clamps, etc.)

9) Line set-up and disconnection (for quality control in the factory)