Automatic line for uncapping honey

Starting price from 27 000€ – for more information contact us!

Every automatic uncapping line is unique and produced to satisfy the needs of the customer. Different extras and configurations can be added to the device. Please contact us directly to receive a personal offer. 


  • Eestis toodetud seade
  • 2- aastane garantii
  • Usaldusväärne ja kindel kvaliteet

This device includes:

  1. Uncapping machine – vibrating knives + honey and comb loose- ner, closed heating system for knives. Frames are fed into the machine using feeder chains.
  2. Waxpress – minimum power of 100 kg/h.
  3. DEBOXER lifting mechanism made of bodies for lifting frames into uncapping machine (pneumatic)
  4. Honey filter – capacity of 175 l. ¤ Honey pump – production of 1300 kg/h.
  5. Relays for capped frames with a length of 3 m and an electronic device for pushing frames. Relays for frames exiting from the extractor with a length of 1.5 m.
  6. Barrel extractor – capacity of 80 frames Langstroth / Farrar.


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