Capping melting box 230V

The device is perfect for a novice beekeeper wishing to solve multiple beekeeping problems with one investment.

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Capping melting box is a universal product, which makes the life of a beekeeper a lot easier, allowing to conduct multiple processes which make the life of a beekeeper a lot easier. Since the melting box has
a ca 1m comb basket, the device can very easily be used as a comb capping box, additionally thanks to the floor and cover heating, it is also possible to melt frames. By putting honey baskets to the floor of the comb basket, it is also possible to heat honey to the desired temperature.

Cover melting box has 2 wheels and this means that transport from one location to other is very simple, meaning that the device is highly mobile and can be quickly moved.

Exterior dimension: Length 1080mm x Width 600mm Height 1250mm
Inner basket dimension: Length 955mm x Width 475mm


Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 108 × 60 × 125 cm

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