Cappings extruder 100kg/h

Waxpress 100 kg/h is designed for both professional use and for use by a novice beekeeper.

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The cappings extruder with capacity up to 100kg per hour is your number 1 choice if you desire to raise your beekeeping’s efficiency! The cappings extruder screw squeezes the cappings and as a result, liquid honey is coming out through the perforated cylinder.

Based on feedback from beekeepers and long-time experience, we can surely say that the cappings extruder with production power of 100 kg/h has the most optimal power for both a novice beekeeper and a big manufacturer.

Engine 0.75 kW Power 230 V

All parts of stainless steel. Extruder screw is made of food-grade plastic (POM);
Wax tray to collect redundant wax is included with the device.

Cappings extruder
diameter 120 mm;

Extruder length 900 mm;
Length 1050 mm x
Width 450 mm x Height 650 mm.

Revolutions regulated using a frequency converter.
Equipped with four wheels for easy transportation from one room to another

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