Radial honey extractor 230V

Radial honey extractor for 48 Langstroth and 56 Farrar frames.

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Radial honey extractor which has 4 sectors and changeable revolutions. This is suitable for 48 Langstroth and 56 Farrar frames, if need be, also possibility to order for other frame types (Dadant). For extra, you can add base heating (an extra cost of 225.00 €).

The fully automatic honey extractor is designed for use both in professional and small apiaries.

Reducer engine is under the floor. Power of 230 V, the engine has
0.37 kW. Electronic cover lock.

All parts made of stainless steel. The outer case is made of 0.8 mm stainless steel. Transparent plastic covers. Cover hinges are made of stainless steel.

The diameter of the honey extractor case is 950 mm / full diameter 1020 mm Height of the case is

750 mm / full height 1030 mm Height of ball valve from the floor is 250 mm

Possibility to manually change speed and direction.

Besides, according to the needs of the client, it is possible to change the honey extractor and add extras to it. For the purpose of to have an extractor with higher feet for fitting a bigger container under the spinner? Write to us and we make an offer for the best and most effective solution.

Device’s control panel can be fitted according to your needs, for this reason, it is comfortable to place it on a wall, in a certain location, on certain ground.

Furthermore, if you are interested in a cassette honey extractor, then click here!


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